Smart Motors and Apps for Robots

Robotics can be more difficult than needed, so we are creating moti to make it easier. Attach your moti smart motors to anything, add power, and control them from a browser. You've got an instant robot! At the same time, moti is great for complex machines, because advanced features are already built-in.

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Moti: Smart Motors + App
Step 1: Attach Moti
Step 2: App Makes It Move
Step 3: Go Deeper With Code (if you want)
Step 4: Enjoy!


DIY Robots

Build a body, slot in your motis, then use our app to immediately control your new robot. Use it with cardboard, wood or as the perfect complement to 3D printing. Moti brings your creations to life.


Want to make a camera dolly? How about lock a door with your phone? Or remote control blinds? Attach moti to automate it. It's a fun and easy way to augment your home and hobbies.

Learning Through Play

Kids get moti...just attach it and use graphics to bring your toys, games and other gear to life. It's easy, creative and educational. As your inventions develop so does your understanding of STEAM (Sci, Tech, Eng, Art & Math).

More Applications

  • Window Displays
  • Art and Design
  • Animatronics
  • Products
  • Toys
  • Tools


Graphical App

Get going in a flash. Just turn on your moti, fire up our app, and spin the dial...your moti follows. It's completely intuitive. There are knobs for positioning. Sliders for speed. There's even a simple interface for sequencing motions on many motis at once.

Arduino Compatible

Each Moti has an Arduino compatible microcontroller built-in! That means you can customize motis to suit your needs. Upload code, add sensors and shields, and network many motis together as your application demands.


You've designed a robot. How about creating a custom website, app, or game that controls it? Moti has a RESTful API so you can trigger actions from hyperlinks.

More Features

  • Continuous Rotation
  • Position Seeking
  • Bluetooth Available
  • IO Pins for Sensors & Shields
  • Connects over Serial Port
  • Current, Voltage & Temperature Sensing
  • Open-Source
  • Control from Web
  • Daisy-Chain
  • All Metal Gears


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